How to Decommission Non-existent Pump and Drainer Components

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Original topic: 如何下线不存在的pump和drainer 组件

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Today, I installed a pump and a Drainer component. When checking the status, I found that there are actually two nodes, and, which are no longer visible in the TiDB cluster. It is possible that the nodes were not properly removed before directly upgrading the cluster, and the metadata is still stored in PD. Now, I am unable to remove these two non-existent nodes using the binlog-ctl tool. I would like to ask how I should proceed.

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Doesn’t binlogctl --cmd update-pump work? How do you perform the operation you mentioned that can’t be done through binlogctl? Refer to this document: binlogctl 工具 | PingCAP 文档中心

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Got it, you need to change the status first, you can’t go offline directly. Thanks for the reply.

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Just passing by.

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You need to pause first and then go offline, right?

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It needs to be deleted under normal conditions.

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Amazing thing, first time encountering it.

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