How to Determine the Version of mysqldumper

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Original topic: 怎么确定mysqldumper的版本

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I understand that DM is [Dumpling] + [TiDB Lightning] and Dumpling is mydumper. So how can I determine the version of the embedded mydumper?

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DM is TiDB’s data migration tool, full name is Data Migration, used for migrating both full and incremental data.
Dumpling is TiDB’s logical export tool, which is different from mydumper. TiDB also has a modified version of mydumper.
To check the tool’s version, use --version or -V.
For example, to check dumpling’s version: ./dumpling -V

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Starting from v7.5.0, Mydumper has been deprecated, and most of its functions have been replaced by Dumpling. Note that it is a replacement, not an integration.

This is probably what you’re looking for.如何判断使用的-mydumper-是否为-pingcap-优化的版本

If you want to see the Dumpling version, you can check here


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mydumper has been deprecated, use dumpling.

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DM and [Dumpling] + [TiDB Lightning] are unrelated; DM is a migration and synchronization component. Dumpling is a revised version of mydumper, which is now deprecated.

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mydumper has been deprecated, use dumpling instead. Using mydumper with large amounts of data can cause the TiDB server to run out of memory.

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These are two different components. If you are using the new version of TiDB, just forget about mydumper.

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It is recommended to use dumpling.

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To check the version of an executable file in Linux, you generally use the parameter -v (or possibly uppercase V), or --version.

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The original poster’s understanding is somewhat incorrect; mydumper has already been deprecated.