How to Dynamically Add or Remove Blacklist and Whitelist Filters in TiDB Data Migration?

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Original topic: TiDB Data Migration 黑白名单过滤,如何动态增减?

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 5.2.2
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I used DM to perform incremental data synchronization from MySQL to TiDB, and at that time, I filtered some tables using a blacklist. Now I want to remove some filtered tables:
do-dbs: [“thc_1125_abcd”]
- db-name: “thc_1125_abcd”
tbl-name: “ACT_"
- db-name: “thc_1125_abcd”
tbl-name: "QRTZ_

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Issue: How can I dynamically remove some tables from the blacklist, for example, if I want tables starting with ACT_ to participate in synchronization, what should I do?
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How to dynamically remove an entry from the blacklist, tested the following method and failed:

  1. Modify task.yaml
  2. Stop task
  3. Start task with the new yaml

Does anyone have a better method?

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I saw the official documentation, it feels very cumbersome, deploying, deleting, and recreating synchronization: Data Migration 常见问题 | PingCAP 文档中心

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Start several more DM-workers, control the task granularity to the smallest, stop the task if synchronization is not needed, and start a new task if needed.

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In our upstream database instance, there are many databases, but we only synchronize a specific one. If we start multiple workers, we will need to fetch multiple full binlogs.

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What error is reported?

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There is no error log, and the official says it doesn’t work either. However, the official steps are a bit hard to understand.

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Can someone please explain the document?

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The document means that you need to start a new full task to perform a full migration for your newly added table separately.

Why is this necessary? First, you need to understand that binlog is a stream. The DM task you are currently running has already reached an intermediate state, such as binlog999. At this point, if you add a new table, table1, that needs to be synchronized, it will not backtrack to the binlogs before binlog999. However, before this, your table1 definitely had data, and this previous data would be lost. Therefore, you need to start a new full task.

You can re-read the document for better understanding. If you have any suggestions for improving the document, feel free to propose them directly.

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Okay, thank you.

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Hello, are the steps roughly correct?

  1. Existing synchronization task information:
    Task name: thc_1234_dev
    Corresponding data source: thc_1234_dev
    Blacklist configuration: Do not synchronize tables starting with thc_data_*

  2. Requirement:
    I now want to synchronize tables starting with thc_data_*. The required steps are:

    1. Create a new synchronization task: thc_1234_dev_thc_data, with thc_1234_dev_thc_data corresponding to the data source: thc_1234_dev, and configure a whitelist to only synchronize tables starting with thc_data_*
    2. Stop the tasks thc_1234_dev and thc_1234_dev_thc_data and record: binlog_name, binlog_pos
    3. Modify the thc_1234_dev task yaml to add the following content:
      worker-count: 16
      batch: 100
      enable-ansi-quotes: true
      safe-mode: true
      safe-mode-duration: “60s”
      compact: false
      multiple-rows: false
    4. Modify thc_1234_dev’s binlog_name and binlog_pos to the minimum values from step 2
    5. Start the thc_1234_dev task
    6. Check if syncerBinlog is greater than binlog_name and binlog_pos, then remove safe-mode: true and restart the task
    7. Can the thc_1234_dev_thc_data task be deleted?
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There is no need to create another task, you can just add it directly.

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