How to Efficiently and Quickly Pass the PTCA Exam

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Original topic: 如何高效快速的通过PTCA考试

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How to quickly and efficiently pass the PTCA exam, please give me some tips.

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Carefully review the 101 course at least twice. It’s quite basic and easy to pass.

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You should watch the 101 video course at least once in its entirety and understand the exercises after each lesson. Secondly, you need to understand the principles and functions of each component in the cluster. It is best to read through the official documentation tutorials for each component. That should be sufficient, as the PCTA exam focuses more on principles.

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Watch the 101 course and look for PTCA notes organized by others in the forum.

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Take notes, print them out, review them every day, and finish the exam within a week.

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If you have little foundational knowledge of distributed theory, read through the documentation first. Then watch the videos.

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Persisting 101

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Lower your expectations, passing is enough. The PCTA exam points are quite basic.

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Study and understand the training courses that start with 10 thoroughly, and remember that there are no shortcuts in learning.

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Just look at 101.

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Watch 101, take good notes, set up the environment, and also complete the experiments.

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Watch the course a couple more times, savor it carefully, and summarize notes.

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Carefully watch 101 twice. The first time, take detailed notes on each key point. The second time, focus on whether you understand the explained key points. Then, just take the exam.

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Learn well 101

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Watch the 101 course more, watch it hard, watch it to death.

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Watch the 101 course, which combines theory and practice. Set up the environment first, then watch a chapter and do the corresponding experiments. The difficulty of version V6 compared to V5 has decreased significantly, making it relatively easier to pass.

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Let me tell you a cheat code, I’m not kidding. When doing questions, always trust your first instinct, don’t hesitate. Submit immediately after finishing, don’t check! :sunglasses:

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Yes! After checking, I found that I didn’t pass.

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:crazy_face: When it was free before, as soon as I checked, it was basically borderline.

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Watch the 101 course once, review the notes once, and if there are any unclear points, fill in the gaps by watching the video or reviewing the notes again. It’s all relatively basic theory.