How to Export to CSV Format Using Mydumper

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Original topic: mydumper怎么导出为csv格式

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production\Testing Environment

【TiDB Version】v5.1.0

【Encountered Problem】
Currently using mydumper to export production database data, but the default export data format is SQL. Is it possible to directly export to CSV format? I checked the help, and it seems not supported. Is there any other good conversion method?

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You can use Dumpling, it supports CSV format.

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This error has not been resolved yet. Please take a look to see if there is a solution.
dumpling export data error - TiDB / Backup & Data Migration - TiDB Q&A Community (

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It is recommended to use Dumpling. You can export CSV by specifying --filetype csv, and it supports more optimizations specific to TiDB. 使用 Dumpling 导出数据 | PingCAP 文档中心

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The above is the command I used for backup, and it can successfully back up.

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mydumper probably does not support CSV format, you can try setting parameters for dumping.

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