How to Fix the Unauthorized Access Vulnerability of Swagger API Detected on Port 2379 of PD Node in TiDB 4.0.7?

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Original topic: tidb4.0.7版本的pd节点2379端口安全扫描报Swagger API 未授权访问漏洞,如何修复?

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The security scan of the 2379 port on the PD node of TiDB version 4.0.7 reports an unauthorized access vulnerability in the Swagger API. How can this be fixed?

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Methods for scaling PD, switching ports, or adding a firewall.

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Medium risk does not need to be fixed.

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For the requirements of Level 3 protection, you can add a firewall to allow only internal cluster access and restrict through IP policies.

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Yellow indicates a medium risk, not a mandatory fix.

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It can also be left unfixed, or you can add ACL policies to restrict the IP range, thereby reducing the risk level.

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There is currently no option to disable this separately. You can restrict the port to prevent machines other than TiDB from accessing it.