How to Handle and Understand the Reason for tikvclient Backoff Seconds Count Alert

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Original topic: tikvclient backoff seconds count的报警该如何处理是啥原因

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How should the alarm for tikvclient backoff seconds count be handled and what is the cause?

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It is likely caused by retries due to region or leader scheduling. The scheduling and splitting of regions, as well as leader scheduling, can trigger this alert. If the latency requirement is not high, you can modify the threshold to avoid triggering the alert.

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What are the exception types in backoff?

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You can check the network issues between environments, capture packets or ping large packets to see if there is any loss. If the alerts are frequent, you can appropriately adjust the threshold.

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You can refer to this post:

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Backoff is unavoidable, and the busier the system, the more it happens. What I mean is, if it keeps reporting, either adjust the threshold, change the development logic, or directly upgrade the system configuration.

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High network latency is a major drawback.