How to Hardcode the innodb_lock_wait_timeout Parameter in the Configuration File?

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Original topic: innodb_lock_wait_timeout参数如何写死在配置文件里?

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  • The maximum time a pessimistic transaction waits for other transactions to release locks in TiKV. If it times out, an error will be returned to TiDB, and TiDB will retry locking. The maximum wait time for a statement to acquire a lock is controlled by innodb_lock_wait_timeout.
  • Default value: 1s
  • Minimum value: 1ms

How can I set the innodb_lock_wait_timeout parameter permanently in the configuration file?

Currently, I see in the documentation that it can only be set using set global innodb_lock_wait_timeout.

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After this change, it will be persistent, and the modified value will remain even after a restart.

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This is a system parameter, not a configuration file parameter. Modifying the global system parameter will persist by default and will take effect even after a restart.

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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This parameter is really special; it still takes effect after a restart. It needs to be implemented. Which configuration file does it go into? Does anyone know?

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Default persistence

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The parameters should be placed inside the TiKV data.

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