How to Implement Load Balancing in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb负载均衡如何实现

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[Reproduction Path] How to achieve TiDB load balancing
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You can use LB components like haproxy, or you can use the official LB TiProxy. Of course, using openresty for reverse proxy is also okay.

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For software, use HAProxy; for hardware, use F5 and other load balancers.

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nginx can indeed proxy like this.

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Our approach is to add a layer of Haproxy reverse proxy in front of TIDB Serve. The application just needs to connect to Haproxy. You can refer to this.

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Has TiProxy been officially released?

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Not yet, but TiDB Cloud is available as a feature for external services.

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Currently using HAProxy + Keepalived is quite effective.

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I am also looking into this load balancing. I am not sure if the tidb-loadbalance client load balancing can be used in a production environment.

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TiDB itself currently does not have a general tidb-server load balancing component. The official recommendation is to use third-party components for load balancing. Options include nginx or haproxy+keepalived or other LB tools, as long as they can distribute client traffic evenly to different tidb server nodes.

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You can consider implementing it in hardware or software. The front-end application manually configures different nodes.

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