How to Optimize and Resolve Long Prewrite_time in Slow Log Queries

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Original topic: slow log 慢查询 Prewrite_time耗时时间长 如何优化解决

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v4.0.7
[Reproduction Path] Slow log slow query Prewrite_time takes a long time. How to optimize and solve what situations might occur.
[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact]
select * from information_schema.cluster_slow_query where is_internal = false order by query_time desc limit 2\G
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Optimistic mode, pessimistic mode?

Can you provide an SQL explain plan for us to see?

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Post the SQL and let’s take a look.

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In addition to SQL, you also need to check the thread CPU of tikv-details.

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Check lock contention and indexes.

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Prewrite involves writing data from TiDB to TiKV. First, check the disk performance of TiKV, the CPU of TiKV, and the network latency from TiDB to TiKV.

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Is it consistently slow or only occasionally? I have encountered this issue before, and it was due to the IO impact from other tables.

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Prewrite slowness is most likely due to slow disk I/O. Check disk usage in the monitoring system.

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How to check disk performance

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To check disk performance, you can use disk performance tools or look at network latency in node exporter, specifically checking blackexport.

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The graphs from the past 7 days, the data for the other 5 nodes is similar.

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This range is a bit too large. Looking at the time point near the execution of this slow SQL, the monitoring data is approximately one point every 15 seconds.

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Disk sdb
Slow query appeared at 9:21

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Check the TiDB-KV request monitoring and network latency monitoring using blackexporter. If not available, check in nodeexporter.