How to Pre-create N Regions When Creating an Empty Clustered Table

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Original topic: 聚簇表如何在创建空表时,提前新建出N个region

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When creating a clustered table with create table, how can N regions be initialized to avoid hotspot regions during data initialization?

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If a clustered index is set, it will automatically disperse hotspots by default. However, the prerequisite is that the dispersion value must be set sufficiently. You can test it more in the local environment.

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For hot issues, you can refer to the documentation on the usage scenarios of clustered indexes. PRE_SPLIT_REGIONS does not take effect on clustered index tables.

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Clustered tables usually design the primary key id as auto_random, which should not support pre-initializing regions.

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Non-clustered tables can pre-split Regions as follows:

AUTO_RANDOM clustered tables will automatically scatter data to avoid hotspots.

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Clustered use split region :grinning:

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:+1:, split the region before writing data after creating the empty table.

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