How to Prepare for PCTA Exam

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Original topic: PCTA如何备考

| username: Tresor

Are there any other review materials besides watching videos before the PCTA exam?

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Video courses + official documentation

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Watch 301 and 302 five or six times.

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Is it better than PCTA?

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Watch the videos and refer to the documentation.

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PTCA is the 101 course, right?

| username: Tresor | Original post link

Let’s see what’s going on with today’s exam.

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Isn’t PCTA a 101 course?

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I’m taking the exam on the 23rd, good luck, middle-aged folks :grinning:

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Looking forward to your sharing.

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I finished the exam yesterday, and it was quite simple.

90% of the exam points came from the Video Course 101. There were also a few questions on the latest updates in TiDB Cloud, which you can understand by looking at the documentation.

I only watched the video course once. As long as you understand the course and comprehend each option in the practice questions, you should be fine.

Out of a total score of 100, I scored 86.

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