How to Quickly Deploy a Secure Hardened Version with TIUP

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Original topic: TIUP 如何快速部署 安全加固的版本

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I want to set up a secure and hardened environment based on the version deployed by TIUP. The documentation only covers regular deployment, and checking the component configuration parameters provided by TIUP, it does not support certificate configuration. After TIUP deployment, there are no conf configurations under each component, and the parameters are based on run*.sh to start. Is there any better way to quickly add certificate configuration information for each component? Currently, is the only way to modify run*.sh one by one for deployment?

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tiup can manage TLS TiDB 生产集群与加密通讯TLS的辛酸苦辣 - 开启篇 - TiDB 社区技术月刊 | TiDB Books