How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Data in TiDB

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Original topic: TiDB误删数据怎么恢复

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If a table is deleted from the database and then a new identical table is created, can the data be recovered using flashback if it is still within the GC time period?

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What specific operations did you perform? Please share the deployment configuration diagram~

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You can check this out: 专栏 - TiDB误删数据恢复 | TiDB 社区

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Sure, first increase the GC time to prevent data from being GC’d. Set the snapshot to the time period closest to the misoperation using set session tidb_snapshot = ****, query the data, and restore the queried data as needed.

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Sure, first roll back the snapshot to the point in time when the original table existed, then export the corresponding table. After canceling the snapshot, re-import the original table.

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You can use the flashback feature to recover data before GC.

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You can still export data backups at a specified time before GC.
./dumpling --snapshot “2024-07-02 17:12:45”

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This is simple, FLASHBACK TABLE table_name [TO other_table_name]
The above methods are too complicated.

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FLASHBACK TABLE | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Sure. Generally, having a larger GC is better; otherwise, the recovery time from accidental operations can be a bit troublesome.

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The image you provided is not accessible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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Check if MVCC has saved historical data.

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Increase the GC time to give yourself more leeway :see_no_evil:

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Flashback Table

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Set the GC time a bit longer, it will come back.

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The solution in this blog post is quite comprehensive.

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The theory is feasible.

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Set GC to 12 hours

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First, increase the GC interval, then use flashback to restore.

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First, adjust the GC time to be longer. If the data has not been GC’d, you can use dumpling+lightning or flashback for operations later.