How to recover intermediate data after TiCDC interruption for a long time, exceeding GC time

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Original topic: ticdc中断后很久,超过gc时间,如何恢复中间的数据

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v5.4.3

TiCDC was interrupted for a long time before it was discovered, exceeding the GC time. How can I recover the data from the interruption point to the recent GC time to the downstream?

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It cannot be restored, you can only redeploy the synchronization.

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You need to start with a full backup, and then specify --start-ts to begin incremental backups, right?

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If the backend can be redundant, you can directly specify a time.

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It is used for database disaster recovery and cannot be redundant. TiCDC and TiDB Binlog seem to have very similar functions. Could you please explain the differences between the two in terms of usage?

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There is no difference in usage, right? TiCDC executes more protocols and has better compatibility.

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Yes, both CDC and binlog can achieve incremental data synchronization. Binlog was developed in the early stages of TiDB to be compatible with MySQL, while CDC was later developed specifically for TiDB. CDC has better adaptability to TiDB and offers stronger performance.

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The binlog principle is the same as MySQL’s, and you can set the retention time. It has a higher fault tolerance rate and is slightly better than CDC for disaster recovery.

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It depends on the version. Higher versions no longer support binlog…

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Currently, version 7.1 is still supported.

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The official recommendation is no longer to use binlog.

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TiCDC is officially developed specifically for TiDB, offering better performance and reliability.

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Can someone from the manufacturer respond?

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