How to Rename a Database

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Original topic: 我想rename database 如何实现

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I want to change the database name, how can I achieve this?

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Roundabout tactics, hahaha.

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Refer to this:

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First create the database, then just dump it over.

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1 First, create a new database:

create database new_db;

2 Use the RENAME TABLE command to change the table name and move the table to the new database:

rename table old_db.tb to new_db.tb;

3 Delete the old database after completion:

drop database old_db;
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You can only recreate the database. If the business cannot be stopped, try using DM binlog synchronization.

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Yes, generally the method used is to rename the table.

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In lower versions of MySQL, you can still rename the database, but in higher versions, you can’t. I guess TiDB doesn’t support it either, so it’s better to use the rename db.table syntax.

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For versions above v6.4, you can use flashback database to change the database name.
FLASHBACK DATABASE | PingCAP Documentation Center

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This approach is very impressive~ :upside_down_face: :+1:

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It’s pretty good, but will there be any exceptions that can’t be recovered from…

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Haha, this idea is very bold and also very risky.

Under normal circumstances, it is indeed feasible, but under abnormal circumstances, you might need to run away :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s more reliable to dump it out and then import it again, at least there will be backup data.

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Yes, I agree with your statement, it is stable and reliable.

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Logical backup and restore