How to Roll Back the dmctl Version

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Original topic: dmctl 版本如何退回

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After upgrading dmctl to v8.0.0, there is a bug. How can I roll back to v7.6.0?

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There is no need to roll back directly. You can install an old version with tiup and specify the version number when invoking tiup.

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You can directly use tiup to install the specified version.

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Is it feasible to create a new cluster and restore the data after making a backup? Does anyone know if this method works?

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Try using the tiup tool, or rebuild the cluster, and then migrate the data.

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Back up the current cluster, stop the current DM cluster, download the old version, replace the binary files, restore the configuration files, start the DM cluster, and verify the cluster status.

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It is best to verify and test after recovery.

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Unable to downgrade the version.

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TiDB does not currently support version rollback. The only solution now is to use backup and then restore to the new version.

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Just copy it.

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Downgrade is not supported at the moment. You can back up first and then restore to the newly installed version.

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Generally, in this situation, both the old v7.6.0 and the new v8.0.0 are installed. So uninstalling the new dmctl will naturally revert to the old dmctl.

You can try the following command:

tiup uninstall dmctl:v8.0.0

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  1. Stop DM-worker and DM-master: First, you need to stop the running DM-worker and DM-master processes. You can use the appropriate stop commands or service management tools to stop these services.
  2. Download dmctl version v7.6.0: Visit the official GitHub repository of TiDB Data Migration (DM) or other reliable package management tools to download version v7.6.0 of dmctl.
  3. Replace the dmctl binary file: Replace the previously installed v8.0.0 version of the dmctl binary file with the downloaded v7.6.0 version in the same location.
  4. Restart DM-worker and DM-master: Use the appropriate start commands or service management tools to restart the DM-worker and DM-master services.
  5. Verify the rollback is successful: Use the dmctl --version command to check the currently running dmctl version and ensure it shows v7.6.0.