How to scale TiDB horizontally?

As your business grows, your database might face the following three bottlenecks:

  • Lack of storage resources which means that the disk space is not enough.

  • Lack of computing resources such as high CPU occupancy.

  • Not enough write and read capacity.

You can scale TiDB as your business grows.

  • If the disk space is not enough, you can increase the capacity simply by adding more TiKV nodes. When the new node is started, PD will migrate the data from other nodes to the new node automatically.

  • If the computing resources are not enough, check the CPU consumption situation first before adding more TiDB nodes or TiKV nodes. When a TiDB node is added, you can configure it in the Load Balancer.

  • If the capacity is not enough, you can add both TiDB nodes and TiKV nodes.