How to set the status-host for TiDB when using tiup to install TiDB, listen_host has been set, but the status listening port is not bound to that address

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Original topic: 使用tiup安装TiDB如何设置tidb的status-host,已经设置listen_host,但是状态监听端口未绑定该地址

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In the TiDB configuration file, the listen_host has already been configured:

After starting the service:

TiDB listens to the IP address specified by listen_host, but the status port is still bound to the default address and does not use listen_host. Is there any way to set this?

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Try using the status.status_host parameter.

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Is it configured like this? It doesn’t seem to work.

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Why can the status_port of TiKV use listen_host to specify the listening port, but TiDB cannot?

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Refer to the official documentation: 通过 TiUP 部署 TiDB 集群的拓扑文件配置 | PingCAP 文档中心

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The listen_host in the official documentation is only effective for tidb, pd, and tikv. This test is valid, but prometheus, grafana, and Monitored do not support the listen_host configuration. How can I configure these to listen to the local IP address?

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Prometheus, Grafana, and Monitored are third-party components. Please confirm what status needs to be monitored.

You can refer to the Prometheus and Grafana official websites for details.

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