How to Specify Data Directories for Each Component When Deploying a Test Environment with TiUP Playground

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Original topic: tiup playground部署测试环境,如何指定各个组件数据目录

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tiup playground v7.1.0 --db 1 --pd 1 --kv 1
How to specify the installation directory for TiDB, PD, and TiKV, as well as the directory for subsequent data usage
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Found it, --tag

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The --tag parameter can currently only set the directory name, and this directory is fixed under .tiup/data. Custom directories are not supported.

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We use YAML to deploy, even for testing and single-node setups. The configuration items are convenient and intuitive.

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tiup playground is different from real deployment, it is recommended not to use it. Testing with single-node deployment mode is just as convenient, and there are also issues with the official version.

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You can customize the installation directory:
export TIUP_HOME=/tidb/tiup

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Just create a link.

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It is indeed a solution.

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