How to synchronize data from tables in MySQL system databases using TiCDC

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Original topic: ticdc如何同步mysql系统库中表的数据

| username: ddhe9527

I want to use TiCDC to synchronize account permission-related data such as mysql.user and mysql.db from the main TiDB cluster to the backup TiDB cluster. I tried the following rules, but none of them worked. Has anyone with experience done this before?

rules = ['*.*','mysql.*']
rules = ['*.*','mysql.db','mysql.user']
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At present, there is no way, but I remember seeing somewhere before that it is included in the development plan.

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Indeed, it is not yet supported. We also have this requirement for disaster recovery synchronization, and currently, it is handled manually.

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There is indeed no solution at the moment. If there are many users, it becomes very troublesome…

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Is it not possible to synchronize using system tables?

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Manually export the SQL, then execute it in the new database using a database client. The data volume is not large.

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Manually synchronize it.

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Not supported

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Currently not supported, you can only manually pull the synchronization yourself.

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Manually synchronize the data yourself.

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Currently not supported, please submit a request to the official team.

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Not supported, the data volume of these two system tables is not large, manually synchronize them.

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What requirements necessitate synchronizing the data of these tables? I usually just give up on synchronizing them and only synchronize the business tables.

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It does not support the synchronization of system tables, so we have always used files to record user and permission management statements for execution when needed.