How to Use the Default Collation utf8mb4_general_ci When Creating a Cluster in TiDB 6.0

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Original topic: TiDB6.0 如何在创建集群时使用默认排序规则为utf8mb4_general_ci

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[Test Environment for TiDB] Production environment in testing

[Problem Encountered:] As a beginner, I feel a bit confused after reading the documentation. How can I set the default collation to utf8mb4_general_ci when creating a cluster? How can I change the collation of an already created cluster from utf8mb4_bin to utf8mb4_general_ci?

Thanks for the help. The collation documentation is a bit challenging for me to understand :sweat_smile: (MySQL beginner)

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If the new framework’s support for characters is enabled, it can be directly supported without specific settings. However, this parameter needs to be set during cluster initialization…

Reference documentation:


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You can show that the supported collations already include utf8mb4_general_ci, which means the new_collations_enabled_on_first_bootstrap parameter was set to true when initializing the cluster. So you can directly modify the parameters as follows:
SET GLOBAL collation_connection=‘utf8mb4_general_ci’;
SET GLOBAL collation_database=‘utf8mb4_general_ci’;
SET GLOBAL collation_server=‘utf8mb4_general_ci’;

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This makes everything clear! :heart_eyes: Thank you for the explanation.

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If you set it this way in the command line, will it become invalid after restarting the cluster, or will it remain effective permanently?

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Long-lasting, set global changes system variables, not configuration file parameters.

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