How to Use Two TiUP Instances to Manage a Single Cluster

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Original topic: 如何实现两个tiup同时管理一套集群

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How to enable two machines with tiup to manage the same cluster simultaneously (or in master-slave mode).

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One of the tiup completes the cluster installation, then backs up the tiup environment information.

Then restore the environment information to another tiup control machine, and it will be fine.

There is a dedicated guide on the official website for backing up and restoring tiup environment information…

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Using TiUP to Deploy and Maintain TiDB Online Cluster | PingCAP Docs
However, if one machine undergoes scaling operations, the cluster information needs to be synchronized to another machine.

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Thanks @xfworld

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Set TIUP_HOME to shared storage like NFS.

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It’s also a good method.

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Performing scheduled backups is the most reliable.

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