In the PD TSO Request panel, the request value is always greater than the cmd

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Original topic: PD TSO Request 面板中 request 值恒大于 cmd

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Recently, I discovered a very strange phenomenon. In the TiDB monitoring panel, the PD TSO request monitoring graph shows that the request value is always greater than the cmd value. According to the TSO slow troubleshooting manual, the request value should always be less than the cmd value.

TSO Slow Troubleshooting Manual v2.0 - Updated on 2022.03.11 - Operations Guide / Trouble Shooting Guide - TiDB Q&A Community (

However, in my case, it is the opposite.

v5.3.2 Monitoring

v5.3.1 Monitoring

So, what happened?

【TiDB Version】 v5.3.2

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Version 6.1.1 is normal.