Inconsistency in TiFlash Data

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Original topic: TiFlash数据不一致

| username: wakaka

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 5.2.2
[Reproduction Path] Not sure why it happened
[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] TiFlash data is not synchronized, and the result of querying count(*) is inconsistent each time
[Resource Configuration]
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Is the count inconsistent because the data is still changing?

Is there any anomaly with TiFlash?

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This is the same SQL query. It should be consistent. When I query individually, it is also inconsistent, and the query result with the specified TiKV hint is inconsistent.

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I didn’t see any related errors when searching the recent ERROR logs. Which keyword should I search for?

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The known issue is related to a critical error in TiFlash that may cause data inconsistency when deleting large amounts of data. This error affects versions v6.0.0, v5.4.0 ~ v5.4.1, v5.3.0 ~ v5.3.1, v5.2.0 ~ v5.2.4, v5.1.0 ~ v5.1.4, v5.0.0 ~ v5.0.6, and v4.0.0 ~ v4.0.16. To resolve this issue, you can upgrade to a newer version of TiFlash. The error has been fixed in versions v6.1.0, v5.4.2, v5.3.2, v5.2.5, v5.1.5, v5.0.7, and v4.0.17.

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Oh, can you send the error link? Thanks.

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Has anyone done BR restoration?

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That should not be caused by BR restoration.