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Original topic: count 结果不一致

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Today, while investigating an issue where a compute node’s CPU was fully utilized, I logged into the node to check the slow logs and found a strange problem: the results of count(*) and count(digest) were inconsistent. Has anyone encountered this before?

TiDB version v5.4.2

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Take a look at the execution plans of the two using EXPLAIN ANALYZE.

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I have the same issue here. The execution plan is the same, so it should be a syntax problem. According to Baidu, there is a difference between count(*) and count(col) in terms of data retrieval.

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count(1) and count(*) are the same.

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count(*) is not querying the total number of rows in the table. It should be more than the count(digest), right? Why is it showing less? Have I always misunderstood?

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I also found inconsistencies on my end, but count(*) is greater than count(digest).

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Check if it’s this issue

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:+1: :+1: :+1: This should be it.

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Is this column a non-null column?

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Checked, there are no null or empty values.

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Then that’s not the issue. count(*) will include null values, while count(col) does not count nulls, resulting in fewer data :smile:

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Now it always feels unreliable to perform aggregation operations like group by, count, and sum on the slow_query table.

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