Installing TiDB on a Virtual Machine on Your Own Computer for Testing

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Original topic: 自己电脑上装的虚拟机想安装TIDB测试一下

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I would like to ask experienced folks, what is the minimum suitable disk space for this? My computer has an SSD with limited capacity. I initially allocated 20GB, but after installing it once, I found that the space was exceeded. Do you have any recommended configuration plans?

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Preferably over 100g.

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This is one of my test environments. I think you should allocate at least 30G.
Additionally, you can set up your virtual machine to be auto-scaling, so it doesn’t have a fixed disk size and only uses as much space as needed.

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This is a 17GB system disk, and the system itself will take up a portion of it, leaving very little space. You also need to check if the memory is sufficient.

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Running k8s on this machine is very fast.

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Configuration of each node: 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB hard disk, minimum 30 GB hard disk.

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50g is more stable.