Introduction and Manual for TiKV Fast Tune: Quickly Identify TiDB/TiKV Performance Fluctuations or Degradation

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Original topic: TiKV Fast Tune 介绍及手册,快速定位 TiDB/TiKV 性能抖动或退化

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Since TiDB 4.X, the Grafana monitoring page includes the TiKV-FastTune panel, aimed at quickly (1-10 minutes) identifying the causes of TiKV performance jitter or degradation without any learning cost.

It’s easy to use. When TiDB experiences performance jitter, if you suspect it’s a storage layer issue, open FastTune, browse through each panel, and look for matching upper and lower curves. If they match, the panel’s title indicates the cause of the issue.

Core design philosophy:

  • Minimize the information users need to know when troubleshooting, reducing the large number of TiKV panels to a limited few.
  • Draw related “cause” and “effect” as upper and lower curves on the same panel, allowing users to identify issues at a glance.

FastTune’s goal is to “quickly locate common issues” rather than “find all issues.” If you can’t find the issue, you’ll still need to go back to the original extensive panels for a thorough check.

The document at the end is an introduction to the FastTune panel, with the main content as follows:

The document is quite long, but don’t worry:

  • The first item, TiDB tuning and maintenance, is mainly personal complaints and opinions, which can be skipped.
  • The two pink items are important concept overviews, worth reading, and very short.
  • TiKV architecture covers key points related to internal implementation and performance, worth reading but can be skipped.
  • The two red items are manuals, which can be referred to for specific panel details when encountering issues, no need to read page by page.

The document provides many hyperlink buttons for easy navigation between different pages, usually at the top of the page. Flexible use can improve efficiency.

If you’re interested in TiDB/TiKV architecture and performance, it’s recommended to read all parts except the manuals.

File download:
Fast Tune_ Laying Down a Stepping Stone on Our Path (pub-ver).pdf (10.9 MB)