Is data always written to TiFlash through TiKV Raft?

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Original topic: 数据写入时,永远都是通过tikv raft 到 tiflash 吗?

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When an OLAP write request is made, after TiDB cost estimation, if the write is executed by TiFlash, will this data be synchronized to TiKV through Raft?
In other words, can the listener synchronize data to the leader and followers?

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TiFlash does not support writes; all writes are replicated to TiFlash from TiKV via Raft.

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Thank you!

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The current design rule is that TiFlash does not support writes.

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TiFlash is integrated into the TiDB cluster as a Raft learner and only supports queries. Write operations are still performed through TiDB–TiKV.

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