Is it possible to compile Tidis into a dynamic library and use C language to call its interfaces to create a sorted set?

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Original topic: 是否可以将Tidis编译成动态库,使用C语言调用其中的接口创建排序集(sortedset)呢?

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There is currently a C language project using Redis sorted sets. Considering factors such as data volume and high availability, we want to switch to using TiKV to store this sorted set, so we are thinking of implementing it through Tidis. However, Tidis is designed to run as a server by default. This means that we need to add TiKV and Tidis components to the current system, and we also need to consider issues such as single points of failure or using load balancers for the Tidis component. Therefore, we have an idea: compile Tidis into a dynamic library (of course, some work is needed), export APIs available in C language, and call this API in the existing C language program to create sorted sets in TiKV. I wonder if this is feasible, thank you!