Is it possible to improve performance by deploying two TiKV nodes on a single disk?

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Original topic: 一块磁盘上部署两个tikv 节点有可能提高性能吗?

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Will deploying multiple TiKV nodes on a single NVMe disk improve overall performance if there are currently only three machines, each with one NVMe disk?

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Creating multiple TiKV instances on a single SSD will definitely result in poorer performance compared to having one SSD per TiKV instance. It is recommended to have one NVMe per TiKV node. You can insert multiple SSDs into a single physical server, create multiple RAID groups, and create one TiKV instance per RAID group.

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The more a resource is used, the more contention there will be, and performance will decline.

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How about deploying a TiKV node on a single disk?

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If there are two disks, you can consider a hybrid deployment.

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Feasible when the IO requirements are not high.

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I feel like it will reduce performance. Is there any reason to believe it will improve performance?

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IO competition will lead to performance degradation, so try to deploy KV nodes and PD separately.

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