Is it recommended to enable index merge in TiDB?

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Original topic: TiDB 中建议开启 index merge 吗?

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The official documentation states: In newly created clusters of version v5.4.0 and above, index merge is enabled by default.

It is generally not recommended to enable index_merge in MySQL. Is it recommended to enable it in TiDB? What is the reason?

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I personally suggest enabling it. In TiDB, besides full table scans, there are single index scan options or intersection index merges that the optimizer currently does not automatically choose. Usually, in such cases, it might cause the SQL to become slower in MySQL.

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It is recommended to enable it. The index_merge can automatically be selected only after version 5.4.0.

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Okay, thank you, boss.

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:ok_hand: Thank you

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This should be enabled by default, which means it is recommended by the official team. :grinning:

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Makes sense.

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Recommend enabling

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Is MySQL’s index merge similar to TiDB’s index merge?

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