Is migrating an Oracle database to TiDB a significant change? Are there any good reference solutions?

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Original topic: Oracle数据库迁移TiDB改动很大吧?有没有较好的参考方案

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  • Relevant logs, configuration files, Grafana monitoring (
  • TiUP Cluster Display information
  • TiUP Cluster Edit config information
  • TiDB-Overview monitoring
  • Corresponding module’s Grafana monitoring (if any, such as BR, TiDB-binlog, TiCDC, etc.)
  • Corresponding module logs (including logs from 1 hour before and after the issue)

If the question is related to performance optimization or troubleshooting, please download the script and run it. Please select all the terminal output and copy-paste it for upload.

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You can use OGG, refer to this document

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Yes, using OGG synchronization is a better choice, but TiDB does not support some stored procedures and stored functions, so they can only be implemented in the business code, right?

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Yes, TiDB does not support stored procedures, so some code modifications are necessary.

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The entire process still needs to be handled with caution, thank you.

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