Is the data in tikv_region_status a statistic of all history or statistics of the past n days?

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Original topic: tikv_region_status 中的数据 是统计历史所有的吗?还是近n天的统计数据?

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment / Testing / PoC
【TiDB Version】4.x
【Reproduction Path】select TABLE_NAME from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tikv_region_status where READ_BYTES = 0 and WRITTEN_BYTES != 0 \G
【Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】 I don’t understand the time range of the data statistics displayed by tikv_region_status. I couldn’t find it in the documentation either. Is it data from the past day? Or all historical data?
【Resource Configuration】
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It seems to be the read and write volume in the last minute.

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Uh? Is there any way to prove it? Because from what I see, it doesn’t seem like it.

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You misspoke, it’s seconds. I asked this question before as well.

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The TIKV_REGION_STATUS table displays basic information about TiKV Regions through PD’s API, such as Region ID, start and end keys, and read/write traffic.

USE information_schema;
DESC tikv_region_status;