Is there a way to deploy a TiDB cluster on Kubernetes without using TiDB Operator?

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Original topic: 有没有不使用tidb operator在k8s上部署tidb集群的方法?

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Currently, the company has compliance requirements for the k8s cluster. In the absence of the ability to install the operator, is there a way to manually configure the deployment to start the TiDB cluster?
Note: The planned installation version is 7.1.0.

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The operator comes with many built-in YAML templates. If you can’t use the operator, you’ll have to figure out how to generate and schedule these YAML files yourself, as well as handle related permission issues…

It’s recommended to use the operator directly, as it will significantly reduce the mental burden…

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It is recommended to find a way to use the operator for operations, as this is the officially supported tool.

If you use other methods, there is a high probability that you will not be able to ensure both operational accuracy and management efficiency.

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It is recommended to use the operator, as there are many related functional components. Generating YAML files yourself can easily lead to pitfalls and missing functionalities. It’s not just about starting the cluster; you also need to consider the convenience of subsequent maintenance, monitoring, and backup of the components, which can be quite exhausting…

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Okay, thank you! I will evaluate these issues further.

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Not using Operator means implementing the functions of Operator by yourself: including but not limited to initialization deployment, operation and maintenance management such as scaling, configuration changes, upgrades, backups, etc.

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Why can’t I install the operator… cut off its wings.

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The IT department has encapsulated k8s, and frontline developers can only deploy containers but cannot operate the cluster itself. If they need to operate it, they have to go through an approval process, and it’s uncertain when it will be approved.

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