Is there a way to directly designate a specific PD as the leader?

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Original topic: 直接指定某个pd 成为leader,是否有相应的办法实现直接将某个pd 成为leader

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Dear teachers,

I would like to ask:
Assuming we have multiple PDs, is there a way to manually designate one of the PDs as the leader? I feel it should be possible. For example, when tiup restarts PD, it should switch the PD leader during the restart, right? So there should be a way to manually make a specific PD the leader?

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You can use pd-ctl to transfer the leader to a specified member:
member leader transfer pd3

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The pd ctl tool can be configured manually.

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Got it, thanks.

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Okay, thank you.

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Got it. Thanks, boss.

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I tried it on version v5.4, and it indeed works.

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