Is there any user-and-role-management in TiKV when using RawKV mode? we have disabled TiDB


Hello Everyone,

Application environment:

We have deployed TiKV in Kubernetes using TiDB Operator ( TiDB Operator Overview | PingCAP Docs ). The TiDB operator version is 1.4.4 and the TiKV version is 7.1.0 and we have set up PD and TiKV with 3 replicas.

TiDB version:


Reproduction method:

We only want to use TiKV so we have disabled TiDB and using TiKV in RawKV mode. We have also enabled Titan inside TiKV.
We have tested the setup and it is working fine.


Our question is, is there any concept like user and role in TiKV?

Resource allocation:


Based on the official documentation , TiKV is a distributed KV system that uses the Raft protocol to ensure strong consistency of data. TiKV does not have a built-in user and role management system. In RawKV mode, TiKV provides a simple key-value interface that allows users to directly manipulate the underlying data without transaction control. Therefore, there is no user and role management in RawKV mode either.

If you need to implement user and role management, you can consider using other systems or frameworks, such as Apache Ranger or Apache Shiro, to manage access control for TiKV.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.