Is TiDB compatible with MySQL 8.0.34?

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Original topic: TiDB兼容msql8.0.34吗

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Is TiDB compatible with MySQL 8.0.34, and if so, how can data be migrated?

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Version 7.5 is compatible with MySQL 8.0.

For one-time migration, TiDB’s own tools are Dumpling for exporting and Lightning for importing.
Using Dumpling to Export Data | PingCAP Documentation Center

For full data migration and incremental data synchronization, merging sharded databases into TiDB, use TiDB’s DM tool.
TiDB Data Migration Overview | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Regarding compatibility, the official description is:

TiDB is highly compatible with the MySQL protocol, as well as the commonly used features and syntax of MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0. System tools in the MySQL ecosystem (PHPMyAdmin, Navicat, MySQL Workbench, DBeaver, and other tools), clients, etc., are all applicable to TiDB.

Regarding data migration:

From MySQL replication: TiDB Data Migration (DM) is a tool for migrating MySQL/MariaDB data to TiDB, which can be used for incremental data replication.

To MySQL replication: TiCDC is a TiDB incremental data synchronization tool that works by pulling TiKV change logs. It can replicate TiDB incremental data to MySQL through the MySQL sink.

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You can use DM for data migration. Regarding compatibility:
The official statement is that it is compatible with 8.0, but there are actually some incompatibilities. For details, see the document below:
Comparison with MySQL Compatibility | PingCAP Documentation Center

If you want to migrate from MySQL to TiDB, there are many practical considerations.
Our company is currently conducting a POC test for MySQL to TiDB migration. The following partial directory is for reference only:

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It depends on how deeply the previous business used it. If the original business used stored procedures and triggers, it definitely won’t be supported. If it only used tables and views, it is basically compatible.

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The latest version is compatible with 8.0.

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