Issues and Solutions Encountered During the Installation of TiUniManager

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Original topic: tiunimanager安装过程中遇到的问题和解决方案

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】6.1
【Encountered Problem】
【Reproduction Path】What operations were performed to cause the problem
【Problem Phenomenon and Impact】
The TiDB management tool gets stuck when deployed according to the official tutorial.
TiUniManager Installation and Maintenance Guide | PingCAP Docs

Phenomenon as shown in the picture
[root@jim ~]# TIUP_HOME=/home/tidb/.em tiup em deploy em-test v1.0.2 config.yaml -u root
tiup is checking updates for component em …
Starting component em: /home/tidb/.em/components/em/v1.0.2/tiup-em /home/tidb/.em/components/em/v1.0.2/tiup-em deploy em-test v1.0.2 config.yaml -u root
Please confirm your topology:
Cluster type: em
Cluster name: em-test
Cluster version: v1.0.2
Role Host Ports OS/Arch Directories

nginx 4180 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/nginx-4180,/em-data/nginx-4180,
prometheus 4110 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/prometheus-4110,/em-data/prometheus-4110,
grafana 4111 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/grafana-4111,/em-data/grafana-4111
alertmanager 4112/4113 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/alertmanager-4112,/em-data/alertmanager-4112,
jaeger 4114/4115/4116/4117/4118/4119/4120/4121/4122/4123 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/jaeger-4114,/em-data/jaeger-4114,
cluster-server 4101/4104/4106/4107 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/cluster-server-4101,/em-data/cluster-server-4101,
openapi-server 4100/4103 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/openapi-server-4100,/em-data/openapi-server-4100,
file-server 4102/4105 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/file-server-4102,/em-data/file-server-4102,
elasticsearch 4108 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/elasticsearch-4108,/em-data/elasticsearch-4108,
filebeat linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/filebeat-0,/em-data/filebeat-0,
kibana 4109 linux/x86_64 /em-deploy/kibana-4109,/em-data/kibana-4109,
1. If the topology is not what you expected, check your yaml file.
2. Please confirm there is no port/directory conflicts in same host.
Do you want to continue? [y/N]: (default=N) y

  • Generate SSH keys … Done
  • Download components
    • Download nginx: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download prometheus: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download grafana: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download alertmanager: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download jaeger: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download cluster-server:v1.0.2 (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download openapi-server:v1.0.2 (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download file-server:v1.0.2 (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download elasticsearch: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download filebeat: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download kibana: (linux/amd64) … Done
    • Download node-exporter: (linux/amd64) … Done
  • Initialize target host environments
    • Prepare … Done
  • Copy files
  • Copy files
  • Copy files
  • Copy files
  • Copy files
    • Copy nginx → … ⠸ Mkdir: host=, directories='/em-deploy/nginx-4…
    • Copy prometheus → … ⠸ Mkdir: host=, directories='/em-deploy/pr…
    • Copy grafana → … ⠸ Mkdir: host=, directories='/em-deploy/grafa…
    • Copy alertmanager → … ⠸ Mkdir: host=, directories='/em-deploy/…
    • Copy jaeger → … ⠸ Mkdir: host=, directories='/em-deploy/jaeger…

It just keeps getting stuck at SSH. Later, I found that it was creating the tidb/.ssh directory, so I went to that directory and deleted it. The tutorial then installed successfully.

【Error Part and Solution】

  • Prepare … Error

Error: Failed to initialize TiDB environment on remote host ‘’ (task.env_init.failed)
caused by: Failed to create ‘~/.ssh’ directory for user ‘tidb’
caused by: Failed to execute command over SSH for ‘tidb@’
caused by: ssh: handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate, attempted methods [none publickey], no supported methods remain

Verbose debug logs have been written to /home/tidb/.em/logs/tiup-cluster-debug-2022-06-21-11-13-54.log.
[root@jim ~]# cd /home/tidb
[root@jim tidb]# ls
config.yaml em-cert em-repo
[root@jim tidb]# rm -rf .ssh
[root@jim tidb]# cd

Please provide the version information of each component, such as cdc/tikv, which can be obtained by executing cdc version/tikv-server --version.

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Was this manually configured with SSH before?