Issues Encountered During TiKV Scale-In in v4.0.8

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Original topic: v4.0.8 tikv 缩容遇到的问题

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There is a cluster undergoing architecture adjustment. When taking a TiKV offline, querying the store through PD shows one region, but querying the information of this region individually indicates the count is zero. I would like to ask how to safely take this TiKV offline.

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Refer to this command:

operator add remove-peer 1 2 // Remove a replica of Region 1 from store 2

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First, query the region ID that is not 3, then use the remove peer method mentioned above to delete that region.

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Use the tiup cluster display <cluster_name> command to check the cluster status and confirm the status of the target TiKV node. If the node is already marked as offline (such as PendingOffline or Offline), proceed to the next step. If it is not yet marked, you need to perform the offline operation first.