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The DM documentation is for version 5.x, and the provided upgrade path is from version 1 to version 2.
It’s a bit confusing. What is the relationship here? My current cluster is version 2.4, and I want to check if I need to upgrade to version 5.x.

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Previously, DM and TiDB versions were synchronized weekly. Later, to decouple them, the DM version was managed independently. Currently, DM is not bound to TiDB.

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In earlier versions (v1.0 and v2.0), DM used a version number independent of TiDB. Starting from DM v5.3, DM adopts the same version number as TiDB. The next version after DM v2.0 is DM v5.3. There are no compatibility changes from DM v2.0 to v5.3, and the upgrade process is the same as a normal upgrade, with only an increase in the version number.

Are you also considering upgrading the cluster?

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I didn’t see how to upgrade.

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Building a new link according to the synchronization point is an upgrade. This is just a synchronization tool.

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Originally, the DM version was independent of the TiDB version, but later they became consistent. Since your cluster is version 2.4, using the new version of DM might cause issues.