Issues Regarding PCTP Certification

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Original topic: 关于PCTP认证问题

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One of the prerequisites for PCTP certification is that you must have passed the PCTA certification. Personally, I don’t think this setup is very scientific. It’s not necessary to take the PCTA. If the goal is to ensure that students learn more thoroughly, PCTA exam questions can be included in the PCTP to achieve this purpose.

What do you all think?

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The official settings are there for a reason, it’s like a child wanting to run before they can crawl.

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PCTA is relatively simple, I suggest taking it first… It can also serve as a self-assessment of your learning outcomes.
In previous versions of PCTP, you also needed to take a practical exam on the computer, which was more difficult…

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:joy: :joy: Take it step by step; you can’t become fat in one bite. Whatever you eat can turn into body fat. If you’re not sick, you’re just a fat pig. First, maintain a humble attitude. The answer you think is correct is just an error that hasn’t come out to cause trouble.

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Use exams to promote learning. After taking the PCTA, you’ll find that with a bit more study, you can also take the PCTP. Why not?

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Take it step by step.

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The rules are fine.

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Keep up the good work!

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To be honest, PCTA includes questions from PCTP.

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You can check here to learn about the PingCAP training program overview:

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:joy: You can do it this way?

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Uh, you can’t take the OCM exam without taking the OCP exam first.

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Isn’t it basically from beginner to intermediate to advanced?
The better ones require intermediate before advanced.
Isn’t it the same for PG, ORACLE, OB, etc.?

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Not everyone may need or intend to take the PCTP exam; having the PCTA is sufficient for many. The finer granularity caters to various needs. :grin: