Issues Regarding the Modification of the binlog_format Parameter

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Original topic: 关于binlog_format参数修改问题

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Currently, TiDB’s default binlog_format is STATEMENT. Using CloudCanal for data migration requires binlog_format to be ROW. I found a similar reference on the official website: TiDB Data Migration 任务前置检查 | PingCAP 文档中心. If this parameter is modified, what impact will it have on log backups? Will it cause the logs to become larger or create issues with BR restoration?

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Referring to the configuration of TICDC, CloudCanal should have instructions.

binlog_format is a compatibility configuration used for MySQL compatibility and has no practical significance for TICDC.

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I modified this parameter, does it have no actual impact on TiDB’s log backup?

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This is only compatible with the MySQL ecosystem, so it should be of no use for TiDB.

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You chose TiDB as the database type.

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Yes, this parameter has no actual effect, TiDB only has ROW format.

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Indeed, it’s all for MySQL compatibility.