Issues with ARM Version K8s Images

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Original topic: arm版k8s镜像问题

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For deploying TiDB on the ARM platform’s k8s, I couldn’t find the ARM64 versions of several images mentioned in the documentation on Docker Hub. Is there another place to find them? Or can other alternatives be used?

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Just use these two commands:

docker pull bitnami/kubectl:latest
docker pull pingcap/advanced-statefulset:v0.3.3
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ARM version

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Not passing the “advanced” parameter doesn’t affect anything. When creating the tc, just set “create” to false.

The kubectl parameter also doesn’t matter. At least when I deployed, I didn’t use this image. This image is just a kubectl client, so it’s optional.

You can use this to build an advanced-statefulset: advanced-statefulset/Dockerfile at master · pingcap/advanced-statefulset · GitHub
There’s also a kubectl image here:

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