Issues with Creating Data Tables Using Structs in Golang + GORM

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Original topic: golang+gorm使用结构体创建数据表问题

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The structure is as follows:

type Test struct {
		ID          uint64 `gorm:"primaryKey;auto_random;not null"`         
		Name        string `gorm:"column:name;size:100;not null"`     
		CreateAt    uint64  `gorm:"column:create_at;index"`          
		UpdateAt    uint64  `gorm:"column:update_at"`        

After creating the table with the following statement, the AUTO_RANDOM for the id is not added. Is there any way to solve this?


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Gorm probably doesn’t support the auto_random tag, which is a TiDB custom tag. According to the documentation, TiDB can support changing from AUTO_INCREMENT to AUTO_RANDOM. Why not try using the autoIncrement tag first, and then modify it to auto_random using SQL?

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GORM already supports TiDB, right? gorm:“primaryKey;default:auto_random()”