Issues with DM Connecting to DM-master

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Original topic: DM连接DM-master问题

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When DM connects to DM-master, the error message “context deadline exceeded, Workaround: Please check your network connection.” appears. I checked the network connection and did not find any network issues.

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Check which address your master is actually running on.

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Please use the telnet command to check if the port is accessible. You are using the local loopback address; if it is not accessible, the service might not be started. I guess you are testing DM. Normally, the DM service should be accessible after it starts. See the screenshot below for details:

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If it doesn’t work, it will be:
[root@localhost ~]# telnet 8261
telnet: connect to address Connection refused

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Try using telnet first; it might not be up or the port setting might be different.

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Is your dm-master set to Did you specify it incorrectly?

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The connection context timed out. Please check if the IP corresponding to your --master–addr is correct.