Issues with Importing Data Using Java Client in TiKV 6.2

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Original topic: tikv6.2使用java 客户端导入数据的问题

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Bug Report
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【TiKV Version】
【Impact of the Bug】
Exception in thread “Thread-3” java.lang.RuntimeException: org.tikv.common.exception.TiKVException: TimeOut Exceeded for current operation.

at rocksdb.CkToTiKvAll$

Caused by: org.tikv.common.exception.TiKVException: TimeOut Exceeded for current operation.

at org.tikv.common.util.ClientUtils.getTasks(

at org.tikv.raw.RawKVClient.doSendBatchPut(

at org.tikv.raw.RawKVClient.batchPut(

at org.tikv.raw.RawKVClient.batchPut(

at rocksdb.CkToTiKv.main(

at rocksdb.CkToTiKvAll$
【Possible Steps to Reproduce the Issue】
java client batch submission set to 100 will report an error
【Observed Unexpected Behavior】

【Expected Behavior】

【Related Components and Specific Versions】

【Other Background Information or Screenshots】
Such as cluster topology, system and kernel version, application app information, etc.; if the issue is related to SQL, please provide SQL statements and related table schema information; if there are critical errors in the node logs, please provide the relevant node log content or files; if some business-sensitive information is inconvenient to provide, please leave contact information, and we will communicate with you privately.

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After reviewing the source code, the batch processing is done asynchronously and eventually uses Future for callbacks.

It is clear that the callback here is null, which will definitely cause an error.

I suggest checking the cluster environment. If batch 1 and 10 to 100 all report errors, there must be an issue with the environment.

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The environment should be fine. Using the bulk import program (migration/online-bulk-load at main · tikv/migration · GitHub) can successfully complete the bulk import, and 50,000 per partition is not a problem!

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