Issues with Single Region Dual AZ Deployment

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Original topic: 单区域双 AZ 部署问题

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I referred to this tutorial to deploy dual AZ, but the internal networks of east and west are not interconnected, so I can only configure public IPs. After deployment, I found that it seems like the internal network connection to PD is converted to a public network connection to PD, and PD’s connection to TiKV is also through the public network instead of the internal network. I’m not sure if my understanding is correct. If it is, is there a way to configure it so that it uses the internal network when the internal networks are interconnected and uses the public network when the internal networks are not connected?

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In a single-region dual AZ deployment plan, the two AZs are usually located in the same city or two adjacent cities (such as Beijing and Langfang), within 50 km of each other. The network connection delay between AZs is less than 1.5 ms, and the bandwidth is greater than 10 Gbps. It feels like it goes against the official recommended deployment method, making the network unnecessarily complicated.

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It is deployed in two data centers of different service providers in the same region, with a latency of around 2ms. The bandwidth is also sufficient, but the internal networks cannot communicate with each other.

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Currently, there is only one place to configure the address, either set it to a public IP or a private IP, but it cannot be configured in a mixed manner…

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Set up a dedicated line and connect it over there.

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Is it a network policy issue or physical isolation? If it’s a network policy issue, you can discuss with your network colleagues to see if it can be resolved. If it’s physical isolation, then you’ll need to find another solution.