Issues with Using TiDB and DM on the Same Grafana System

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Original topic: tidb和dm同用一个grafana系统问题

| username: Jaimyjie

Version 7.5.1

  1. First, deploy TiDB 7.5.1, with Grafana on a certain host (, and Grafana monitoring is normal.
  2. When attempting to deploy DM, also specify Grafana, monitoring, and alertmanager to this host ( The deployment is successful with no errors, and the TiDB and DM cluster names are different.


  1. In the Grafana backend, DM task data is not visible. Is the above deployment plan feasible?
  2. The monitoring project includes DM and other projects, but the cluster names are different.
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Was it deployed using TiUP? I seem to remember that this would reload Grafana’s configuration…

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No, they don’t recognize each other. You can set up a separate Grafana and manually add the data source and panels.

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No, I have tried this before. The later deployment will overwrite the previous one.
If there is an issue, you can scale down the monitoring and then scale it up again.

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It is recommended to deploy monitoring independently, rather than using the built-in one.

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It’s better to deploy independently, otherwise it will be difficult to solve strange issues that may arise.

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All deployed using tiup

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Thank you, classmate.

| username: Jaimyjie | Original post link

Thank you, classmate.