JDBC Execution of SQL Throws Statement Cancelled Due to Client Request

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Original topic: jdbc 执行 SQL 抛出 statement cancelled due to client request

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The Java service uses mysql.8.0.13.jar as the driver to execute business SQL.

When adding an index to a large table, the Java program will intermittently throw a “statement cancelled due to client request” error after varying lengths of time (30-60 minutes).
However, upon investigation, it was found that the SQL was still running and the index was eventually added successfully.

【Additional Information】
Apart from the necessary parameters like user and password, no extra operations were set in the connection URL parameters. The result of executing the command SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘max_execution_time’; is 0.
【TiDB Version】

Configuration information


  • Why does it timeout?
  • How to set a timeout for any statement (DML/DDL/DQL) through JDBC?
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TiDB 6.5 doesn’t support MySQL 8 yet, so it’s more appropriate to use the 5.7 driver.

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Try switching to mysql/j 5.1

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In addition to the driver version issue mentioned above, you should also check whether load balancers like nginx/haproxy have set connection timeout periods.

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Most likely it’s a driver issue.

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Driver incompatibility

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Driver issue, I guess.

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Driver issue?

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The driver might be incompatible. Try changing the version.

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The version incompatibility should be.

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Client driver version issue

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The driver is recommended to be 8.0.30 or later.

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Connector is not compatible with server versions below 5.7.5.

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It could be due to driver incompatibility or the Java framework. Try modifying the JDBC parameters. You can first try downgrading, and if that doesn’t work, consider comparing it with MySQL to see if the driver works properly.

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Choose the recommended driver.

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Use the MySQL 5.7 driver.